About R.E.A.C.T Ministries

R.E.A.C.T Ministries is a chartered ministry of Divine Hearts Of Life Church: Independent Church Charter No: 51


REACT Ministries (Reaching & Engaging As Christians Together) is a community outreach ministry based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. We are a non denominational ministry, that seeks to work and engage with all Christians no matter what denomination they belong to. Our aim is simple to proclaim and advance the Kingdom work and Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  







All the believers were together and had everything in common”-Acts 2:44


REACT Ministries: offers the following through its ministry


Christian Fellowship and Prayer, Bible Teaching, free literature, Counselling, Christian Networking, Christian Community Initiatives.


Chris Oliver: is the founder and director of REACT Ministries. Chris believes there is a need for Community Outreach Pastors to engage in their local communities, with the Gospel messege of Jesus Christ, and Christian Fellowship and Prayer. Whilst promoting equality and social inclusion for the disadvantaged and the hurting in our cities, towns and villages.   Chris was ordained a minister of the Gospel with Divine Hearts Ministries in St Louis, USA and is also ordained with The National Association Of Christian Ministers (N.A.C.M)  Chris holds degrees from Southwest Evangelical School Of Ministry, Have Faith Ministries School Of Theology and Kings Cross Victory Bible College. In Biblical Theology and Christian counseling.



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