REACT Ministries has a selection of Christian literature which it makes available to the general public. At no cost, Our policy is not to charge for any resources that we offer. “Freely you have received, freely give”-Matthew 10:8 .  We will also be good stewards of our resources “Give an account of thy stewardship”-Luke 16:2.


If you would like to order any of our free resources, then please email us with your requirements and we will try to fulfill them as we can. Should you wish to help with an offering to help with our costs or postage. Then these are welcomed. But are not essential. We are first and foremost a faith ministry. And believe that God will bless us with our needs as they arise.


If you would like to invite REACT Ministries, to your church / ministry, church event, church fete, community event ,etc. Then REACT Ministries, can supply a free Christian literature stand.  Again contact us via email or telephone to get in touch.


We have a contact list of Bible Correspondence Courses, that we can forward. Should you wish to take a course of study, through the mail. These Bible courses are not designed or written by ourselves. But are recommended by us. Contact us for more information.


WE NEED OLD BIBLES:   Do you have any old or second hand Bibles that you no longer need.  Part of our ministry is to forward a free Bible to those who cannot afford to buy one. Paperback or hardback, condition is not an issue. Email us for more details.


WE NEED USED STAMPS: Do you have any old stamps on old letters, these are stamps that have already been franked through the postal system.  We forward these stamps to a Christian Evangelistic Missionary Ministry that produces international study materials. By doing this helps them with very high printing costs. If you have any old stamps on envelopes just cut them off leaving at least ¼ around the stamp. Please do not peel the stamps from the paper.  Should you wish to help us in this matter, then forward the stamps to us in an envelope to our postal address.

R.E.A.C.T Ministries

C/O  20 Radburn Road



DN11  0RE

Telephone: 07532446613





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